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Energy Solutions  

We are a bridge supporting every person, business and community transition into Clean Energy and a sustainable economy.  

Essential Solar Services

Our team works with developers, homeowners and businesses to provide an energy solution or service that works for you. 


Essential Solar Services (ESS) helps solar developers and contractors amplify, reduce and control administrative soft cost; design, permit plans, interconnection and SGIP rebate ability for your business.  The affect that this is going to have on your company are going to exponentially exceed your objectives and goals.

ESS also takes pride in helping homeowners, and businesses thinking about solar assess their solar potential, cost benefit, evaluate bids and make informative decisions of how to meet their energy goals.  We are not an installer and can act as the owner's/investor's representative in design, equipment, contractor selection, and construction.  Our services are designed to minimize risk and maximize the return of your energy investment.  On average our clients see a 10% savings on initial cost alone when we are engaged and representing their needs to installers.  

Our Services

Our Services

"Our services amplify our clients ability and free them from the many challenges from project feasibility, to permit plans, permitting, and dealing with the paperwork and administrative challenges required to obtain permission to operate from the utility and process rebates that help the return of investment of your project fast and stress free.  ESS was created to help all transition into a more independent, resilient, and sustainable energy infrastructure.  We offer high quality solutions at a fast turn around and competitive pricing. 

Resi PV and Storage Design

Quality designs of Solar, Battery, and Generator Permit Plans- AHJ approved residential plans. 

Commercial Solar Design

Commercial solar design, energy projection, and utility rate tariff optimization.

Utility Interconnection

Utility authorization to interconnect and Permission to Operate.

Incentive Processing

State and Utility rebate program processing. We specialize in SGIP battery incentive program in all budget categories

EV Charging Station Design

EV charging station design from a single home to multiple EV charging stations to serve a fleet of vehicles. 


Our services are designed to help home and business owners, EPCs, investors and developers from beginning to end. Project planning, feasibility, design, equipment and install consultation.

Your Choice for Solar Consultant

Solar energy has become more important than ever for homeowners and businesses.

We’ve seen wildfires as well as the supply chain crisis disrupt the power supply. Solar energy is resilient and a photovoltaic system with storage can help your property withstand some of the most devastating environmental and societal problems that can impact a power supply.

Essential Solar Services is here to help you meet your goals.


“ESS is passionate about seeing sustainable energy projects succeed.  There fine attention to details and vigilant tracking of changes in rules and rebates means I can focus on implementing systems without distraction.  Plans we have them make are succinct and clean looking while providing essential and complete information for reviewers.  The ESS team also supports our success by keeping us up to date on new technologies and products.  We are very happy with Essential Solar Services.”

Ross Eppler
Owner Light Ray Electric

Owners/Investor Start Your Solar Energy Consultation Today 

Building solar energy into your home or business starts with a consultation.

During your consultation, we will talk with you about your goals and your needs when it comes to solar energy. We can help you implement solar energy storage and photovoltaic systems and handle all the details like utility interconnection.

The goal of your solar energy consultation is to ensure that you're informed and have a plan you're satisfied with. Solar energy is all about meeting today's needs and that means including your needs as a homeowner or business leader.

Here are just a few of the subjects that our team can address during your consultation. 

  • Commercial Solar Design

  • Residential PV and Storage Design

  • Incentive Processing

  • Utility Interconnection

  • EV Charging Station Design


As always, our team is here to answer any questions you might have about solar energy.

Ready to find out more?

Call Now: (707) 702-1283

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