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Rebate Processing 

Rebates enable customer to greater access to clean energy systems through financial rebates, these rebates can cover from 15%-100% of the storage energy system cost.  ESS takes away the complexity and stress of administrative work of processing battery rebates such as SGIP application allowing our customers to focus on business and completing the project.  We handle any state and utility rebate program with efficiency that way your customer can obtain the full economical benefits of clean energy incentives.  ESS specializes in SGIP battery rebate processing in all budget categories.  We stay up to date  with the latest program changes and can easily determine if any of your projects are eligible for SGIP rebate.  We process the entire application from the start to finish, and manage communications with program admins and supporting documentation uploads for all budget categories such as:

  • Large-Scale Storage

  • Small Residential Storage

  • Residential Storage Equity

  • Non-Residential Storage Equity

  • Equity Resiliency


That way clients can focus on business and not administrative paper work.  With continuing policy changes and rebate eligibility requirements for solar and storage ESS offers our extensive knowledge and services to help explain the complex program rules and optimize rebates for your projects.

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