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Residential Solar Design

ESS offers high-quality permit plan solutions at a faster turn around and at a competitive price.  As an innovative company, we provide our services to installers, EPC's, turnkey companies, developers, and owners. 

Each state is unique and has its own standards, specifications, and requirements.  Our team keeps these requirements in mind during consultation and project setup to comply with the state, local and utility standards.  All plan set will have the essential deliverables mentioned below, typical solar plan set will include solar panels, inverters, and any other power resource such as battery or generator and if grid-tied or off-grid.

  • Title Sheet

  • Site Plan

  • Roof or Ground Framing Plan

  • Electrical Plan

  • Single or 3 Line Diagram

  • Equipment Specifications 

  • Labels and Markings

















The difference with going with Essential Solar Services:


  • Dedicated project manager that can integrate with your company process and project management tool to work seamlessly with your workflow and or customers.

  • Less than 1 day or 48 hours completion of residential permit plans.

  • No cost for any AHJ/Utility requested corrections 

  • Quality designs that admirably represent your project.

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