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Our Services 

At Essential Solar Services, we know how important it is to have reliable power that you can count on in these uncertain times. 

We’ve seen how quickly changing environmental conditions can impact our power supply. That’s why your home or business needs dedicated solar power to prepare for whatever comes your way. 

Here’s why our solar power services have been giving our clients peace of mind for years. 

Our Services

Residential  Homeowners 

It's never been more important for residential homeowners to incorporate solar energy into their property. Our experienced staff can help you by designing a custom residential PV and storage system for solar energy.

We know how to work with incentive programs to process and get you your money's worth when it comes to solar energy. We also can set up, build, and design an EV charging station for your environmentally friendly vehicles.

Our team at Essential Solar Services is always ready for a consultation to discuss your goals and your project. 

  • Residential PV and Storage Design

  • Utility Interconnection

  • Incentive Processing

  • EV Charging Station Design

  • Consultation

  • AHJ Approved Residential Plans

Custom EV Charging Station Design 

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, but they're a bit difficult to charge using conventional power outlets.

This is where our team of experienced designers and technicians step in. We can set up an EV charging station that works with your home and your energy goals.

No matter what type of EV you own, we can create a charging station that works for you. 

Services for Business

Businesses should be looking to incorporate solar energy into their physical locations. Customers are starting to look toward companies that use green energy sources as leaders in Santa Rosa CA.

We can help you incorporate solar energy into your commercial business to improve your resilience in the face of environmental challenges as well as give you new ways of connecting with your demographics.

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