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Utility Interconnection 

Each utility has its own interconnection standards, obtaining permission to operate letters and authorization to interconnect is essential for all projects connected to the grid.  Our team at Essential Solar Services is trained and have extensive understanding of what the utilities require in an interconnection package.  Fast turnaround time to obtain authorization and permission to operate as soon as possible that way your project is producing and collecting clean energy credits.  We manage and take care of the entire process and handle all types of interconnections for any type of projects, such as:

  • Standard NEM 

  • NEM Aggregation

  • NEM Virtual Metering

  • NEM Storage Paired

  • NEM Modification

We understand that all projects have their unique interconnection considerations in many cases our knowledge makes the difference in keeping or safe harboring clients in a better return program or transitioning project to a better rate.  With continuous policy changes for solar and energy storage  systems, our services offer consultation to help explain the complex rules and provide the information you need to make an informed decision.  

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