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Solar Consultations 

From residential, commercial, agriculture to utility scale our services are designed to help solar contractors, EPC's, owners, non-profit, developers and investors minimize risk and maximize returns. Whether you are considering new solar or continuing to grow your clean energy portfolio ESS can help.  We offer free initial consultation that includes preliminary design, energy analysis, and systems performance to provide a site assessment of the value of solar, battery or solar + storage system and determine if further investigation and or evaluation is warranted.  Services offered include

  • Free Initial Consultation 

  • Feasibility Study- site assessment of property to determine best location for system and utility bill analysis to determine optimal system size

  • Energy cost benefit analysis with system performance and return on investment

  • Request for Proposals based on defined system requirements to avoids

  • Construction proposal comparison and evaluation- our team will work with the competing installers review, improve design, lower risk, reduce cost and increase the return of investment of your system.

Get started today with an initial consultation and let us support the transition or expansion to a more sustainable, cleaner and resilient energy. 

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